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08 June 2023
Sales Director GCC | UD Trucks Middle East

Wahaj Malik

With a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Wahaj Malik possesses more than 14 years of experience in the truck industry in various roles across India, Region South Asia and Middle East .

Having joined Volvo Group in 2007, Wahaj occupied a variety of positions including Private dealer managemnet, Customer support, Product Management and Sales Engineering roles. Working for UD Trucks MEENA now, Wahaj is Director of Sales for the GCC since 2016 and manages the importer relationship, sales operation, and product startegy for UD Trucks business for GCC markets.

During his tenure at UD Trucks, Wahaj has overseen a number of significant achievements for UD Trucks in the region and managed to improve the UD Trucks MS and amplified the brand’s success within the waste management sector. Wahaj was also intrumental for the introducton and succesfull launch of several new models of UD Trucks in the region.

Wahaj has earned several awards including “2022 UD Trucks ‘Smart and Modern’ Award”, “2020 UD Trucks President Award”, “2017 UD Trucks Hero Award”, “2015 Volvo Group AOS Hero”.

Wahaj is based at UD Trucks’ headquarters in Dubai, UAE.