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08 June 2023
Business Development and Strategic Partnerships | ekar

Dheeraj Satta

A hands-on Business Head with a proven track record of building and transforming companies. Experienced in business development and growth through Marketing & strategic partnerships and building world class organizations. Through strategic foresight, drive and determination, I have transformed organizations into multi-million dollar companies.

A marketer by nature, I believe in finding solutions to every problem and simplifying the way business can be done. With over 16 years of experience, as a leader I am a true believer of collaboration and focusing on positive outcomes. I am comfortable both in the executive boardroom and being on the front line with my employees. I drive a customer and employee centric approach and this has produced an award winning service and people management result.

I’ve been fortunate to build high-performance teams, including strategically selected executive management staff, who have served as a growth catalyst and important productive energy in the workplace.