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08 June 2023
Co-Founder and Business Development Manager | Fitbar

Bothaina Abugisasa

Fitbar Catering Services was founded in 2016 by siblings Ahmed and Bothaina while pursuing a higher education. Their personal experiences in the challenges of maintaining a healthy diet during busy the academic schedules of a student led to the establishment of Fitbar, aiming to help themselves and others achieve a balanced and wholesome lifestyle.

Bothaina, an accomplished individual with a background in engineering and entrepreneurship, co-founded Fitbar. Driven by her passion for the food industry, she saw a market opportunity to meet the demand for a convenient and healthy diet. With a focus on providing customizable and wholesome meal plans, Bothaina combines her expertise and creative flair to make a meaningful impact in the world of food and entrepreneurship.

As Business Development Manager of Fitbar, Bothaina leverages her expertise and enthusiasm to drive growth and expansion. Possessing a keen understanding of the food industry, she leads strategic initiatives, forges partnerships, and ensures Fitbar stays at the forefront of the healthy food entrepreneurship landscape.