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08 June 2023
Chief Business Officer | CAFU

Alaa El-Huni

Alaa El-Huni is the Chief Business Officer at CAFU and a member of Board of Directors and Executive Committee at HYPR – a joint venture between CAFU, SirajPower and Creek. He is responsible for the strategic growth of the CAFU ecosystem by driving additional business lines and markets. In his role, he heads new verticals, connectivity, strategic partnerships as well as investors and licensees in local and international markets.

With over 20 years of experience in development helping governments and companies launch new products, delivering new initiatives and telling powerful stories; Alaa is directly responsible for the international expansion of CAFU into global markets and drives growth within the CAFU ecosystem of products and services.

He plays a pivotal role in working with key partners to establish and launch products, services, initiatives, ventures, and projects, upholding CAFU in the driver seat of innovation within the automotive, mobility and energy industries.

Prior to joining CAFU, Alaa worked in different ‘c’ level and executive roles in corporate strategy, product & business expansion across the GCC, MENA region and globally.

Alaa holds an Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management.